Crimmins Family

Crimmins FamilyOn top of being our new coach for 2017/18, the Crimmins Family have also jumped on board as sponsors for the coming season!

Joel, the left arm pace extraordinaire is supported by his partner Charlotte, we’re wondering if there is much competition during an Olympic Games with Charlotte’s Canadian heritage? There will be more competition there than in the AFL, where Joel’s doggies have been plagued with injuries and we live in hope that they can prevent another Fourthorn debacle.

Along with Joel, there is another famous Crimmins at the club, Alana, who has been a big part of the club with Brandon following her around for a many years! The club has it on good authority that Joel and Pixie are unable to play in the same team together, as the fairness to the rest of the competition would be compromised…

Expect to see Joel and Alana’s parents Karen and Jeff down on occasion, however they will be dividing their time between babysitting grandkids (we understand this is a specialty) and watching Marcellin Old Boys where our research suggests Jeff has played ‘close to a thousand games’.

KUCC would like to welcome the whole Crimmins family and look forward to sharing time with all of you this season.